Combine North and South Serengeti – Mike’s Little Secret

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NOTE: This safari idea only works between December and March.

The Serengeti is synonymous with the wildebeest migration.  Most travellers try to be in the right part of the massive Serengeti plains at the right time of year to catch the migration.  Which usually means that people tick the Serengeti off their list having seen only one end of these mighty plains.

We’ve got a better idea.

Go South

In the months between December and March the wildebeest have amassed on the vast, seemingly endless grasslands of the southern plains.  The trick is to witness the grandeur of the migration without also having to witness the massive influx of tourists.  For this we recommend Alex Walkers Serian Serengeti South Camp.

Alex Walker is an exceptional guide who not only knows how to track wildlife, but also knows plenty of secret corners of the Serengeti.  The camp is positioned away from the main cluster so you are afforded an opportunity to see one of nature’s great wonders the way it was designed to be seen – one your own.

This is a semi-mobile, tented camp that stays up only while the wildebeest are running, so it’s more rustic than some luxury lodges but it’s still very comfortable.

South Serengeti Game Drive


Then Head North

The northern end of the Serengeti is completely different to the southern plains.  Lush, rolling grasslands collide with tree lined watercourses and rocky outcrops, known as kopje.  The feeling is wilder, more dramatic.

And here’s our secret.  The wildebeest may have migrated south, but the zebras, gazelles, buffalo, giraffe, elephants, lions and leopards are still here, along with a very few privileged people who are in the know.

We recommend Lamai Serengeti, an up-market permanent lodge tucked amongst the rocks of Kogakuria Kopje with panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.  Explore the intricacies of the area with game drives or take a walking safari.

And congratulate yourself on having discovered a little African secret
Lamai Serengeti

Planning note: The Serengeti combines well with Lake Manyara where we would recommend either the luxury of Chem Chem Lodge or a more adventurous stay at Little Chem Chem Bushcamp.

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