Safaris: Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe1Diverse landscapes, vast game parks, the mighty Zambezi River and majestic Victoria Falls have crafted Zimbabwe into a perfect safari destination.

The political and economic collapse in recent years has turned many tourists away.  But Zimbabwe is home to some of the most renowned professional safari guides in Africa, and the operators running the lodges and camps here are the last line of defense for wildlife conservation.

It’s possible to travel safely in Zimbabwe, without supporting the political regime.  When you do so, you will escape the tourist hoards and discover a classic African safari atmosphere.

The immense Hwange National Park, on the edge of the Kalahari Desert, is home to all manner of wildlife, and most famous for its massive herds of buffalo and elephants.

Mana Pools National Park is remote and untamed, and the freshwater pools for which it is named act as a magnet elephants, hippos, buffalo and zebra.  The mighty Zambezi River, running along the northern border of the park, offers unique opportunities for canoe and camping adventures.

Of course, Zimbabwe’s biggest draw card is Victoria Falls.  In full flood the falls is one of the continent’s most dramatic sights.  And with just about every safari and adventure activity you can think of, the area is equally perfect for families, romantics and adrenalin junkies.Zimbabwe2