When Should I go to Zambia?

Posted on January 15th, 2014 by Stephanie Hunt in Safaris: Zambia (articles).

The seasons in Zambia basically divide between the dry months from May to October and the rainy or “green” season running from December to March.   Each season has its own unique beauty.

The “Green” season is so named for the thick, green bush brought on by the rains.  It is more difficult to see the game at this time of year because the vegetation is dense and the animals more dispersed.  However the light is amazing, so it is a great time for a photographic safari and the abundance of migrant birds make for an ideal bird watching safari.

Toward the end of the rains, in September, October and November, the Zambezi is in full flood and Victoria Falls is at its most spectacular.  The water remains high until May/June.

Some lodges in South Luangwa and Kafue National Park and most bush camps close during the rainy months.

The dry months are the best time to see game as the animals begin to congregate around the remaining waterholes.  In the early part of the dry season (May-August) the days are clear and warm and the nights are cool.  In September and October the temperatures start to climb.  In the Lower Zambezi and Luangwa Valley it can get very hot in October.

By June Victoria Falls is largely tamed and the lowest flow is between October and December.  But this opens up new activities that allow you to get up close to the Falls.


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