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Posted on August 3rd, 2013 by Mike Haines in Safaris: Tanzania.

Serengeti Safari Camp

The Serengeti Safari Camp is a semi mobile tented camp operated by Nomad Tanzania. The camp moves with the seasons, and is generally located near to where the wildebeest migration herds should be. Through the course of the year it moves location three of four times.

Serengeti Safari Camp at nightWith the wildebeest migration being a constantly moving mass, traditional permanent safari lodges will always have a period during the year, when the herds are not in their vicinity. This is where the mobile (or semi mobile) camps come in to play. They don’t offer the same facilities as permanent camps and lodge, ie. no swimming pools or fully fitted bathrooms etc. They have however come along way,  and are as comfortable as can be possible for property that is hauled across many miles of bush to a new location every quarter.
The tents are huge, with comfy beds, ensuite bathrooms with hot bush showers and cold running water. Serengeti Safari Camp tentIf combined with the lodges, you do get a sense of old style safari and the best option to be close to the herds.
Serengeti Safari Camp is one of the best, and coupled with the superb guides, you are assured of a great experience.

This camp fits in perfectly with our Northern Tanzania Luxury Tented Safari.