When Should I Go to Tanzania?

Posted on January 15th, 2014 by Stephanie Hunt in Safaris: Tanzania (articles).

Tanzania’s climate divides into four distinct seasons of rain or dry.  The “Long Rains” are from March to May and tropical downpours in the afternoon are the norm.  The “Long Dry” follows from June to October when it very rarely rains.  The “Short Rains” come in November/December, followed by the “Short Dry” in January/February.

The dry seasons tend to be best for game viewing and the wildlife congregates at the remaining waterholes.  The “Short Dry” of January/February is also the calving season.  Thousands of calves are born each day, and the predator action is highly visible in the short grass plains.   Kilimanjaro is best climbed during the dry and, of course, a beach holiday is more dependable at this time of year.

The wet seasons have their own beauty and can also offer the best deals.


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