Safaris: Kenya

Kenya2Kenya is where the concept of “safari” began, so tourism is well developed here.  But that doesn’t mean you have to share the wildlife with crowds and queues of mini-vans.  There are still plenty of secluded and unique experiences if you know where to look.

The game is abundant here.  Every year over 1.5 million wildebeests cross the rich grasslands of the Masai Mara, followed closely by their predators, the big cats, jackals and hyenas.  Great herds of elephant trundle across the wide-open plains of Amboseli National Park, in Kenya’s Rift Valley.  Massive flocks of Lesser and Greater Flamingos are drawn to the shallow, salty Lake Naivasha.

From the sheer scale of the 20,000 square kilometer Tsavo National Parks near the Tanzanian border, to small private wildlife sanctuaries on the Laikipia Plateau at the edge of the wild north country, Kenya offers magnificent landscapes and wildlife.

There are almost as many ways to discover Kenya’s wildlife, as there are species to be discovered.  Trek by jeep, mountain bike, horse, camel or on foot, or float across the plains in a hot air balloon.  Sleep out in the wild, indulge yourself at luxury private lodges or stay in local Masai or Samburu villages.  The choices are all yours.

Masai in Kenya