Safaris: Family Safari

An African safari is an adventure you can share with your whole family.  The combination of exotic animals, new cultures and beaches is pretty tough to beat for most children.

There are a few things you are going to want to consider when planning a family  safari.

It’s usually a good idea to combine beach with wilderness to keep kids interested.  In Kenya you can combine a beach holiday in Mombasa with a couple of nights in Tsavo National Park.  In Tanzania you can cruise the Serengeti, then spend a few days in Zanzibar.  South Africa’s Garden Route is filled with beaches and game parks in close proximity.

Particularly with smaller children we recommend visiting game parks where you can see a lot of animals in a short amount of time.  Many of the private camps in South Africa, and Botswana are perfect for short attention spans.

Good infrastructure can make a family holiday more enjoyable.  The roads in South Africa and Namibia are the most suitable for a family driving holidays.  But flying in to remote camps in Botswana means no driving, which of course means no cries of “are we there yet?”

You may want to consider malaria-free game parks, which are particularly prevalent in South Africa and Namibia.  This will avoid your children having to take malaria pills, and means you won’t have to stress every time a mosquito buzzes past.

Talk to us about your family, your interests, your kids, your hopes and your concerns.  We can help you to plan a trip that ensures your African safari is the most rewarding family holiday you’ll ever take.