Guides on safari

For the most part, and on a typical ‘fly in’ safari, you will meet up with a new guide at each safari camp, ie on an itinerary with three safari camps, you will have three different guides. Kings Pool BotswanaThe camps we use, all have in house training and ensure their guides meet the standards required to converse and educate foreign visitors. Most African countries with a decent tourism structure, also have a guide qualification program with exams and certificates of achievement.

Private guides are a value added option, and would work for a small group, or a group of keen photographers. They are usually the cream of the guiding crop. With a private guide, you have continuity, as he or she stays with you for the duration of the safari.

Guides are African, and passionate about their countries and its wildlife, they are a window in to life in Africa and its customs. Safari camps by nature, are in remote areas, so guides live in camp and join you at meal times and around the camp fire, they are companions and hosts.