Sharks and Mountains

Posted on July 15th, 2012 by Mike Haines in Guest Comments.

Hi Mike & Jen,

Steve and I wanted to thank you for organizing an absolutely fabulous trip for us. We had an incredible time.

One of the highlights was, of course, watching the great white sharks. We were very fortunate to witness lots of predatory activity and we watched a very up close pursuit of a shark on a seal. Actually, it was within a couple of feet from the boat and I got to see the shark chomping on the seal under the water. We were also lucky enough to see a full breach a couple hundred yards from the boat. To see an entire 12 foot great white launch itself out of the water with its white belly facing us is something we will never forget. I also braved the shark cage, which wasn’t at all scary. I thought it was amazing to see the sharks swim within an arm’s reach of the cage.

We had a fantastic time at Tassia lodge. Antonia and Martin were great hosts. Friends of Antonia were also honeymooning at the lodge and we had a great time with them as well. Tassia was a great suggestion on your part and I am glad we went. The area was amazing. Since we couldn’t climb Table Mountain (un-cooperative weather), we climbed Blood Mountain in that area. Not quite the same, but I still got my climb into the mix. We also had an amazing walking safari and caught a glimpse of wild dogs on the prowl.

The Mara was also great. Unfortunately, we didn’t get see any wildebeest being devoured by crocs but we did witness a very safe crossing at Sandy River of a few hundred wildebeest and zebras.  Unfortunately, the migration was delayed because of more rain in Tanzania but it is still amazing to see thousands of animals gathered in one spot.

We identified over 100 birds, saw all kinds of mammals and had a close encounter with a cobra – everything we could have wanted from a trip.

We hope you both are well & thanks again for all your help in organizing our fantastic trip.