More than we expected, Namibia

Posted on May 25th, 2008 by Mike Haines in Guest Comments.

Hi Mike:

Adelaide (little Ongava manager) told us there were a group of travel agents coming in on Saturday. Should have guessed that one of them would be you.

The whole trip was great. The details are as follows; The Drakensbergs were awesome. Great hiking and excellent accommodation. The Boys Choir was super. A real bonus for us. South Africa needs to do a better job promoting the choir. Very few people have heard of it. Namibia was more that we expected. The topography and colour are absolutely unique. Some landscapes looked like the surface of the moon, with grass. It really is a geologists paradise. I saw rock structures I have never seen before. Doro Nawas Camp was very friendly and accommodating. The lady that manages the camp runs a good show. The San art engravings were worth the trip. As a bonus we saw 12 desert elephants on the return drive to camp. The 12 included three babies, which thrilled Lola. Skeleton Coast and the Camp at Skeleton Coast are unique. The area is vast, and deserted. The only other humans we saw were a crew of miners in a pickup truck heading to a mine somewhere on the property. The camp staff were very friendly and the guide was super. (He knew the geology of the area, that made him super in my books. Lola thought he was super too, for other reasons). We saw much more wildlife at Skeleton than we expected. Giraffe, Oryx, springbok, tons of seals(on the beach) and lots of jackals. Finally, Little Ongava. What a way to end a trip. It couldn’t have been better. And the bonus — we finally saw rhinos, two of them, after a three hour rhino trek. We met some nice people at the various camps. Everyone seemed to get on quite well. Perhaps it was because we were all there for the same reason, that was, to see the landscape as opposed to viewing wildlife. Namibia is not for everyone, but if you want to see a unique part of the world and are prepared to rough it a little, Namibia is the place to go, and Wilderness Safaris is provider to go with.