Mind blowing Botswana!

Posted on December 1st, 2008 by Mike Haines in Guest Comments.

The safari was mind-blowing. Every day was unique and fantastical and we kept reminding ourselves that it was all really happening.

I am very pleased with Wilderness Safaris and would recommend the company to anyone. I really felt that we were on a special safari – because the accommodations were good, we were really taken care of, and it felt like we hardly ever saw any other tourists so it felt like we were very far from over-organized tourism. We saw lions, African wild dogs, hyenas, a jackal and tons of vegetarian animals. On several occasions we had elephants in the camp (and were woken up twice by them at the front door of the tent).

Your suggestion to go to the Montsentsela Tree Lodge was excellent. Being able to walk around the property and see animals was a good opportunity. One morning I happened upon an eland with a newborn baby. And it allowed us to acclimatize so we were in high gear when we went on safari. I also really enjoyed the riding. We walked beside the Tree Lodge’s fence and were joined by zebra. I guess they think the horse is their cousin because they were only a few feet away.

Overall, I’d give this vacation a 10 out of 10.