Impeccable service

Posted on July 18th, 2008 by Mike Haines in Guest Comments.

We returned three days ago and wanted to send some feedback. It was a wonderful trip – Rovos Rail is quite an experience, impeccable service and comfort. Food is wonderful and there is a wide array of visits, lectures, etc along the way.

Zanzibar was fascinating – Nomads provided excellent service and the guides could not have been better – very knowledgeable with great information and communication skills. We stayed at 236 Hurumzi (formerly Emerson and Green) which is unique and extraordinary – every room different with lots of trappings from the days when it belonged to a sultan. One thing I would mention is the evening meal served on the roof which is billed as something special with entertainment etc. and reservations made days ahead. The meal was very mediocre – not at all special. (We wondered whether we had been spoiled by the meals on Rovos Rail but decided that it was a truly mediocre meal).

Thanks you for all your work on this Michael.