Safaris: Botswana

Okavango DeltaBotswana offers some of Africa’s most magical, pristine and varied landscapes.  Spectacular bush veld, crystal clear waterways, vast saltpans and lush flood plains: over 40% of this land locked country remains wilderness.

If you are looking for big game, look no further than northern Botswana.  Huge herds of game roam unrestricted between the Kalahari plains and the waterways of the Okavango. With a year round water supply in the Chobe River and Okavango Delta, the northern end of the country hosts one of the greatest concentrations of southern African mammal species.

Known for its elephant population, the Okavango/Chobe areas support up to 50,000 of these magnificent animals in the dry season and some camps, particularly the very special Abu Camp, offer up close and personal elephant experiences.

A patchwork of eco-systems, this part of the country can be explored via 4WD, powerboat, dug out canoe or on foot.  Your accommodation can range from luxury camps and lodges to mobile-tented safaris.  We usually recommend a mix of different types of camps and environments to experience everything Botswana has to offer.

While the Delta and Chobe regions are Botswana’s most famous drawcards, there are other wildlife experiences available in the deserts and saltpans further south.  When the rains come, the great Kalahari Plains spring to life, with fresh green grasses attracting large concentrations of animals.  The second largest mass migration of zebra travels across the Makgadikgadi and Nxai Pan national parks.   And the Makgadikgadi saltpan is the most important breeding site in southern Africa for Greater and Lesser Flamingos.

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