What is a game viewing hide?

Posted on May 1st, 2013 by Mike Haines in Blog.

Game viewing hides are structures that allow you to sit in a quite location in the African bush, usually near a waterhole or river, and in areas frequented by wildlife. They are either elevated platforms in a large tree, a sunken bunker in the ground close to the action or a ‘log-pile’ hide very close to a waterhole used frequently by elephant herds.

Hide at Savuti and Duma Tau Camps

Hide at Savuti Camp and Duma Tau

They are ideal for keen photographers who have patience to sit quietly and wait for wildlife to wander down to a waterhole or river. A hide can be a very rewarding wildlife viewing experience.
Some of the elevated hides are also used as overnight ‘camping under the stars’ options for the more adventurous, though again an extremely rewarding safari experience.
Hides are best utilised during the dry season for obvious reasons, you won’t get caught out out by a rain shower. Also waterholes and rivers tend to be more productive for game viewing in the drier months.
Camps and lodges that offer hide visits are Savuti Camp, Kanana, Duma Tau, Kings Pool and Kwetsani in Botswana, Lion Sands River , Lions Sands Ivory, Lions Sands Narina near Kruger, Kakuli Bush Camp in Zambia, The Hide and  Little Makalolo in Zimbabwe