A Day On Safari

Being up early is a given on safari, the excitement of being out as the sun rises, and anticipating what awaits around the first turn along the track out camp, is what it’s all about. The iconic predators such as lion and leopard may still be on the move or on a fresh kill, and other animals are stirring from a night of suspense.

Your alarm call is a knock at your tent door and your favourite hot beverage to start the day. After a light breakfast you are on your first activity, returning to camp mid morning.

After brunch, there is siesta time during the heat of the day. At most safari camps we use, which are in the best game areas, there is always some activity around the camp, whether it be a herd of elephants drinking from the waterhole in front of camp, or a troop of monkeys creating havoc in the trees above your tent – always something to experience.

Tea at mid afternoon, you are off again on another activity, returning to camp after dark. It does vary, depending on where you are and the season. In the Serengeti, you may leave camp in the morning with a picnic lunch, and spend the whole day out on the plains. If you are on a walking safari, and have a long walk that day to the next camp, you may only stop for an hour or two at mid day.

In mid July in Zimbabwe and Botswana, it can be 0 Celcius at 6am, so activities depart after the sun is up and you have some warmth.